• I don't understand why they say or do the things they do
  • They don't understand me
  • We keep having the same issues


  • Know and understand your spouse's core motivations
  • Learn new ways to communicate your feelings and actions
  • Recognize warning signs in your relationship and how to start avoiding them

Couple's Coaching Using the Enneagram

We 'know' others (in this case, our spouse) are different from us; but we often don't really understand the depths of how different their perspectives can be. Learn how to use the Enneagram to first become more aware of yourself and your own thoughts, feelings and actions, then see your spouse and others through a different lens. This helps you grow in understanding and compassion for them, improving your relationship and helping you through tough times.

Plans and Options

  • Discover & Explore YOU

  • 6 90 minute sessions
  • First, discover your types, then explore deeper. We walk each individual's customized guide sheets together to help accelerage transformation as a couple.
  • Become US

  • 90 minute session
  • Continue to transform your marraige as you use the Enneagram knowledge you learn to cultivate the absolute healthiest marriage you were created to have!

Personal Message


Christie Lauscher

Certified Coach

As someone who's been married for over 30 years, I know marriage is work and can have many ups and downs. I really wish my husband and I had known about the tool of the Enneagram as a younger couple, how it would have saved some heartache! Even though we have just recently applied this tool's knowledge to our married lives, we've still grown so much from the language and insites it brings to our relationship and understanding of each other. I would love to help you as a couple, learn more about yourself and your spouse, helping to overcome obstacles in your marriage faster.

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Taking the first step includes taking a free online assessment and you'll benefit by learning your inherent motivations in order to take your next step.