The Enneagram in the Workplace

Become a successful
self-aware leader

The Enneagram is a beneficial tool for individual leaders as well as teams. It brings clarity in self-awareness and can be used for transformation. More and more research is bringing to light the benefits of self-aware leadership. One such study by The Potential Project, said self-awareness has a more positive impact on leadership than an MBA!

Leadership Ruts

  • Does your team not understand you?
  • Is there friction between you and your team?
  • Do you lack confidence in your work skills and feel beat up by self doubt?
  • Do you have a hard time recognizing and overcoming weaknesses?


- Understand your communications style and learn how others communicate differently.


- Know your strengths and learn how to leverage them.


- Know your weaknesses and welcome other team members to fill in the gaps.


- Value yourself and others and objectively understand what you all bring to the table.

Grow Teams With the Enneagram

What is the Enneagram and how can it help me?
The enneagram (Ennea= nine | gram = drawing) is a typology system that focuses on motivation over behavior.

Any team will benefit from using the tool of the Enneagram. Learn how to understand others on a whole new deeper level by using this tool to discover core motivations for not only yourself but for those you work with. We know it’s important to put ourselves ‘in someone else’s shoes’, using the Enneagram, we can know what size, color, style and make of shoes others have and understand them deeper quicker, allowing teams to become more efficient and run more smoothly.

Communicate so others hear with clarity

Eliminate friction

Increase productivity

Develop empathy and compassion for yourself and others

Host a Workshop

  • Team Discovery

  • 3 hours for 15 or fewer
  • Learn each type's perspectives, fears, motivations, & growth paths.
  • Communicate effectively using the best methods for clarity of each type while reducing potential friction amongst the team.
  • Develop the understanding and empathy needed for a high-performance team.
  • Learn how to support each team member for increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Team Deep Dive

  • 3 hours for 15 or fewer
  • Cover everything in the Discover Workshop.
  • Deeper dive into gifts and challenges, conflict activators, and how to get along for each type. Small group breakout activities to reinforce application in the workplace.
  • Add on individual one-hour typing sessions or need specific sessions for $88 each..

*Workshops are customizable to fit your team's current needs. Contact me for specific workshop details and pricing.

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Contact us to simply learn how the Enneagram can be used, as a tool, to unlock the full potential of your team.