Enneagram Coaching

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Enneagram coaching gives you an overall understanding of the enneagram and how it can be used as an internal GPS to help you navigate this life. This coaching brings awareness to your motives, not just behaviors, and helps you grow on a deeper level. The Gospel-centered approach to the enneagram I use helps you have a grounded identity in Christ, who brings true transformation.

What's Your Rut?

  • Do you feel like you keep repeating the same problem over and over?
  • Are you frustrated with trying to get along with certain personality types?
  • Do you lack confidence in your work skills and feel beat up by self doubt?
  • Do you long to intimately know God's message and purpose in your life?


- Discover your main type and your core motivations.
- Uncover self-awareness and healthy coping strategies.


- Develop compassion for yourself and others.
- Have better clarity of how you interact with others.


- Conquer self-limiting beliefs hardwired into your personality.
- See goals and priorities with clarity.


- Discover your identity, calling and purpose.
- Hear God's message for you in a unique way.

About Your Coach


Christie Lauscher

Certified Coach

Learning, growing and helping others to do the same has been woven throughout my path in life. And now with my knowledge of the enneagram, I can share that as a tool to help guide others through life's ruts, struggles and pitfalls.

I've been married to an awesome and encouraging husband for 30 years and we have raised our 3, now young-adult children. That in itself is a huge journey and blessing!

I've taught pre-k to elementary school and worked as a youth leader with high school students as well. I love teaching all ages and can't get enough of those 'ah-ha' moments. As the owner of an Interior Design Workroom, I enjoyed creating and fabricating items that bring beauty into people's homes.

More recently, I have served as a Commissioned Minister in Youth and Children's Ministry for over 7 years.

As an Enneagram (type 2 wing 3) Certified Coach, I am passionate about guiding others to become aware of the rumble strips we all encounter in life, and how to use them to navigate to healthier relationships in your family and workplace.

Are you ready to disrupt the ruts you're in? I can't wait to be your guide!

The Process

Ready to start down your path to accelerated growth using the tool of the Enneagram?


Free Assessment

Take my free assessment to help us narrow down your main type. Assessments aren't perfect but can point us in the right direction.


Free Consultation

Let's discuss what ruts you're in and how the enneagram can help you get out of them! This is a 20-30 minute conversation to learn more about each other and how we can work together.



First a typing session to really discover your main type. It's important to know who you are and have a starting point, understanding your motivations better. Then, 5 sessions to help you explore your type and use the enneagram as a GPS guide to help you grow to become the healthiest version of you- the one you were created to be!

Helping You

What is the Enneagram and how can it help me?
The enneagram (Ennea= nine | gram = drawing) is a typology system that focuses on motivation over behavior.



Learn why you think, feel and behave from the inside and start your transformation as you finally get out of the ruts in your life.


Take your relationship to the next level as you better understand each other's core motives. You have language to communicate on a whole new level. Learn More


Learn to build each other up and bring unity as you see through the other's perspectives.


Build efficient, dynamic teams as you grow together and learn each other's strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome them.

Plans and Options

  • Discover

  • 60 to 75 minutes
  • I will help you discover the enneagram and your main type. You will start to see how your core motivations can affect your everyday life.
  • Discover & Explore

  • 6 60 minute sessions
  • First, discover your type, then explore your type on a deeper level. I will use customized guide sheets to help accelerate transformation in your life.
  • Become

  • 60 minute sessions
  • Continue transformation as you use the enneagram knowledge to become the healthiest version of yourself you were created to be!
  • EIP

  • 5 60 minute sessions
  • Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP). Sessions are based on the More Than Your Number book. A whole new way to apply the Enneagram to your life.

Get Started

Taking the first step includes taking a free online assessment and you'll benefit by learning your inherent motivations in order to take your next step.